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Front Walkway Improvements that Boost Curb Appeal

Now that we have just come out of the Christmas holidays, we find ourselves once again on the door step of the Spring market, a period in the yearly real estate cycle that is typically bustling with buyers combing the market and heavier competition among home sellers.  That is why it is so important to make sure that your home stands out in the crowd and gets noticed, and one of the best ways to make a great first impression is curb appeal.  But just what does that mean?

Your front walkway is one of the first sections of real estate a buyer will set foot on when coming to see your home, so it makes sense to make that pathway to your front door as appealing as possible.  Even with all the snow and ice on the ground, it’s not too early to start making plans on what you can do to spruce things up once things begin to melt away.

The obvious way is to make it as clean and clear as you can. Ensure there are no obstacles in the way, such as broken or overhanging branches, kid's toys, bikes, or recycling and garbage containers. What you want is a clear, and unobstructed walk to your main entranceway.

If your walkway needs deeper cleaning, consider a power-wash. There are special detergents available that are designed specifically for stone, asphalt or cement walkways and other outdoor surfaces.  A deep cleaning isn't a major project. In most cases, the job can be done within an hour. Yet, the result can be stunning.

If you're selling in the spring or summer, another way to make your walkway look better is to add flowers or other plants along the sides. Don't overdo it - Remember “less is more”. You only need a few flowers or a couple of shrubs to make a big difference and avoid a cluttered look.

The great thing about adding a few flowers or shrubs is the impact they can have on your entire frontage making it more attractive, and adding to your home's overall curb appeal, but make sure to plan it out first!  Avoid just placing flowers and plants just haphazardly here and there.  Groupings of similar plant types, will have more impact and look less chaotic than a whole assorted variety of colours, sizes, blooms, and plant types.

Another idea is edging your yard.  Here’s a little secret - While many homeowners commonly edge their gardens with razor-sharp precision, most will overlook two really important areas that make a big impact on curb appeal. In addition to both sides of the driveway the edge of your front grass where it meets the sidewalk should also have a nice clean and sharp line to it.  

Making your walkways look better may seem relatively minor, but keep in mind that when buyers make their way to your front door, they're already forming their first impression of your property from the moment they step out of the car. The walkway plays a small but important role in making it a good one.

Want more ideas for making your home show better, give me a call at 705-796-5225. I’d love to share some inexpensive ideas to help you get your home sold quicker and for a higher price.

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